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Email List (a.k.a. incubator program)

The goal with our incubator program is to give you clarity in your business. We start you out with Branding 101 and How to Look Good (two introductory, yet helpful guides). The former helps you get clarity on who you serve, what problem you solve for them, and how you help them (we call this your "insides"). The latter tells you how to look good with DIY design, which is free, until you're ready to invest in effective visual branding. When you get clarity on your insides, then you're ready to attract the right people by looking the part on the outside.

You have important work to do. Let us help you. Join our incubator program (it's free).

Incubator Program, Level 2

An effective visual brands attracts your target audience. That's why our incubator program helps you get clarity on who your target audience is (the people you serve). When you're clear on who you serve, then you can amplify your business by attracting more of the right people with a visual brand that's targeted at them specifically.

If you don't have clarity yet, we have one more set of premium guides for you in level 2. Branding 202 goes into further detail on how to get clarity on your insides. We gave you an overview in 101, but now we dive in deeper. How to Talk Good tells you how to talk to your audience in a way that’s natural to you and resonates with them.

Launching June 2020.

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