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benefits of working with us

Attract the right type of people: We don’t show your ads to just anyone, we show them to people who are likely to be your ideal clients.

Warm people up for a sale: We warm people up with your ads and an automated funnel so they’ll be more inclined to work with you when you ask for the sale.

Generate leads on autopilot: Let us take lead generation off your hands so you can focus on your area of expertise. 

Spend your money wisely: The cost of leads from Facebook Ads are typically lower than traditional forms of advertising. We use best practices to keep your costs low.

what you get

Enticing Offer: We’ll work with you to create an offer your ideal clients will drool over.

Captivating Copy: We’ll write copy to clearly show your ideal clients you’ll give results they want.

Scroll-stopping Creative: We’ll create imagery to grab attention and get eyes on your ad.

Precise Targeting: We’ll show the right type of ad to the right type of people.

Effective Placement: We’ll put your ads in the best locations to increase the chance of engagement.

Optimized Objective: We’ll choose the appropriate objective of your ad for the specific results you want.

Convenient Notifications: You'll get notified via text or email as soon as a new lead comes in.

Monthly Reports: We’ll send you monthly reports to show how your ads are performing.

Regular Maintenance: We’ll keep an eye on your ads to make sure they keep performing well and adjust as needed.

Want to see if we can help you get more of the right people to your business?
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Debbie Oakes

Debbie Oakes

"Blakely Media ran Facebook ads for my PUD Commissioner Campaign. I was able to reach more people on Facebook than I would’ve been able to with other forms of advertising and I reached a different group of people that traditional advertising does not reach. This helped me beat my competitor by a nearly 15% margin. If you’re looking for an experienced business you can trust to get winning results, I recommend Blakely Media."

"With no previous campaign experience, and running against an incumbent, I was elected Mayor of Raymond, WA for a four-year term. After thinking the “tried and true” methods of reaching voters to be less than effective, I opted to use social media to replace a door to door introduction.

I was introduced to Jason Blakely at a community event early in my campaign efforts where I learned of his extensive facebook skills. He offered to run a Facebook ad campaign and build a corresponding Facebook page designed specifically to increase my chances to be elected.

I consider the money to be well spent as the election result (I won by only 25 votes) is proof in itself. If you are looking for an experienced, talented, and creative company to manage your Facebook opportunities, I can enthusiastically recommend Blakely Media."

Tony Nordin

Tony Nordin

5 leads in the first month or your money back

We want to work with you long term to get you the best results. The longer your Facebook Ads run, the better data we’ll have to bring in more quality leads per month for your business.

But Facebook Ads are a big investment so we want you to be confident you’re making the right decision. We guarantee we’ll get you at least five leads in the first month or you’ll get your money back.

We can’t refund the amount you paid Facebook for the actual ads, but we’ll give you a full refund on what you paid us for our ad service.

We definitely can’t guarantee you’ll make sales, because that’s within your control. But we can give you tips on best practices for following up with your leads.

we’re successful when you’re successful

When you invest in our services, you’re not paying us to just throw up an ad. We work with you to create an enticing offer and then we test different versions of it to see which one performs best. We then take the winner and put your full ad budget behind that ad, monitor it, and make changes as needed to keep it performing well.

Want to see if we can help you get more of the right people to your business? Click the button below to book a call.

frequently asked questions

Want to see if we can help you get more of the right people to your business? Click the button below to book a call.

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