we'll help you attract the right people to your business.

You probably have one of two problems: you’re attracting people to your business but they’re not your ideal audience, or you’re not attracting anyone to your business. 

Let’s first address why it’s important to have an ideal audience in mind. It helps you:

  • be better at solving your audience's problems
  • differentiate yourself from competitors
  • establish yourself as an expert in your niche
  • streamline your processes to save time

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Once you know who your ideal audience is, then you can start trying to attract them to your business. 

One thing that will help you do this is the way you look. You want to look like a brand that your ideal audience would want to work with. The message of your brand is always more important than the look, but your look will get more people to actually hear your message. We can design logos and branding, social media graphics, ebooks, and other marketing materials for your business.

Having a good looking landing page or social media graphic won’t do anything if people don’t see it though, so we also can help you with Facebook ads to drive traffic to your business. With over 2.7 billion monthly active users on Facebook and 74% of those users visiting the site daily, Facebook ads are a great way to connect with your ideal audience.

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strong connections are
built on shared values.

here’s what matters to us:

Equal Rights
All humans—regardless of skin color, who we love, how we identify, our age, our income, or our disabilities—deserve equal opportunities and fair treatment. We all come from the same stardust after all.

Our Planet
There’s only one Earth so it’s important to keep it healthy so it can keep providing us with everything we need to survive.

Financial Freedom
A brain that’s always worried about money doesn’t have much space to think about bigger problems in the world. With financial freedom, we have more time to do what matters to us.

we're j + lindsey blakely

When we’re not helping people with their businesses, you’ll find us riding bikes, hiking, reading, hanging out with our cat Junipur, or trying to perfect our sourdough bread recipe.

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