We'll help you get your message across in an interesting and appealing way.

We help our clients attract their ideal clients by getting their message across in an interesting and appealing way whether that’s through infographics, ebooks, planners, workbooks, social media graphics, or Facebook ads.

One of the first things we want to know when we work with you is who’re your ideal clients? If we’re helping you with design, we need to create something that'll be appealing to that audience. If we’re helping you with ads, we’ll need to know that to show your ads to the right people. 

One of the next things we’ll want to know is what’s your goal? Are you trying to get more clients, build brand awareness, promote a specific event, serve your clients better, or create a new source of revenue for your business? When we understand why you’re doing something, we can understand your needs more deeply and provide you with a better result.

For example, when it comes to design, we might design your ebook differently if it’s intended for people who're already your clients versus people you’re trying to get to become your clients. When it comes to Facebook and Instagram ads, there are different strategies that will get you different results. 

We don’t believe in doing things just to be pretty. We believe in doing things that will be effective. (Being pretty is just an extra benefit.)

If you’re interested in working with us, click the button below to get started or click here to learn more about our services.

We’re J & Lindsey Blakely. When we’re not helping people attract their ideal clients you’ll find us riding bikes, hiking, beachcombing, reading, or hanging out with our puppy cat Junipur. We live on the Washington State coast where ocean beaches, forests, rivers, and bay all intermingle.

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